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Monza is a small town located in the heart of Brianza; It presents itself to its visitors in a totally unexpected way, proudly displaying its rich and varied historical journey. In the city you can discover great tourist routes that will not disappoint the visitor's expectations. Monza is history, art, culture, nature and sporting events ... a city to discover!

  • Villa Reale

    Is a true jewel of neoclassic style and was built in 1777 on the will of Maria Teresa from Austria. The villa is located in the Park of Monza and is surrounded by 40 ha of English and Italian gardens, as a project of the architect Canonica on the initial Piermarini drawings.

  • The Cathedral

    Is located in the town centre and rises on the ruins of the ancient "Oracolum" built in 595 on the will of the longobard Queen Teodolinda. Rebuilt several times during the centuries, of the longobard period remains only a tower at the east part of the sacristy and two marble slates. Very famous is the Chapel of Queen Teodolinda in which is kept the Corona Ferrea (Iron Crown), a precious jewel of the late gothic period that is part of the treasure kept in the Cathedral Museum.

  • Arengario

    In the historical centre of Monza is the Arengario (from the Latin Arengarius, derived from the Germanic hari-hring, place for assemblies): the ancient Town Hall, built in 1293, where the assemblies of the Hall took part, where the justice was administered and where the economic and commercial life was settled.

  • The Park

    It occupies an area of about 700 ha, it is one of the main historical European park and the biggest among all the other surrounded by walls. It was created at the beginning of the '800 by the will of the Emperor Napoleone III of Beauharnais who began the big extension project of the Villa Reale and of the gardens to made them become a hunt and farm estate. In this way around the 1808 the park of Monza became the biggest Park in Europe surrounded by walls, with a 14 Kilometres long wall. From the 1807 to the 1900 there were a lot of users and managers of the park, they used the structure but they kept the park safe.

  • Autodromo

    In 1922 the SIAS (Society for the automobiles improve) obtained in concession 370 ha of the main part of the wood areas in the north. The autodromo (National car race track) was built in the record time of 100 days. It was modified several times during the years, but today is still use for the most international motor-car and motor-bike competitions.

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Sport Centers

  • Monza Park: (jogging) Open every day from 07.00 to 19.30. It is possible to hire bicycles - info
  • Golf Club Milano: Monza park gate Porta San Giorgio - Tel. +39 039 303 081 - info
  • Centro ippico S.Maria: Monza park, via Casalta, 2 - Tel. +39 039 36 63 51 - info
  • Park swimming pool: Monza park gate Porta di Biassono - Tel. +39 039 24 821 - info
  • Autodromo Nazionale di Monza: Monza park gate Porta di Vedano - Tel. +39 039 24 821 - info

Cinema info

  • Capitol: Via Pennati, 10 Tel. +39 039 32 42 72
  • Metropol: Via Cavallotti, 124 Tel. +39 039 74 01 28
  • Teodolinda: Via Cortelonga, 4 Tel. +39 039 32 37 88


  • Manzoni: Via Manzoni, 23 Tel. +39 039 38 65 00 info
  • Villoresi: Carrobiolo, 8 Tel. +39 039 32 45 34
  • San Carlo: Via Volturno, 38 Tel. +39 039 32 99 22 info
  • Triante: Via Duca D'Aosta, 8 Tel. +39 039 38 65 00