Breakfast is perhaps the most important moment of the day for all of us...

Our products are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality; our products will give you the right energy to face a working or a cultural or a simply shopping day!

The ‘healty’ corner offers dried fruit and fresh slices of fruit: a mix of vitamins for you; fresh yogurt and many varieties of cereals.
The 'greedy' corner offers three types of croissants, homemade cakes, homemade biscuits, assorted jams, honey and butter.
The 'salty' corner offers a selection of salami, cheese, tomatoes, and baked bread.
The 'drinks' corner offers fruit juices and many varieties of tea.


Hotel Royal Falcone: Fell at home… away from home!

And then our PLUS offer, at no extra charge...

  • 'Gluten free' products
  • Different kinds of eggs cooked at the moment for you
  • Fresh fruit to pick up and take away ... for a healthy mid-day snack
  • Room service
  • And if you leave before 07.00 am, a small breakfast service is available even at 4am just for you!